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Job description created for countys financial department
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County Financial Management Department director Linda Hillis has created a job description for the employees who will handle payroll and purchasing for the county, highway department and the school system under the 81 Act, which was adopted last year to consolidate county finances.Hillis provided Financial Management Committee members with copies of the job description she had drawn up for the seven new employees she estimated would be needed for the department.“We wanted to let everybody see this before we start posting the positions,” Hillis said. “This is a general bookkeeping job description. It covers payroll and the essential functions of the department.”The salary range for the jobs will be from $22,000 to $35,000 annually depending on education and experience.The job description, job summary and qualifications are as follows:• Job description — Bookkeeper: Including but not limited to payroll functions, purchasing functions, grant administration and coordination, budgeting functions, human resource functions, and inventory and fixed assets functions.• Job summary — Perform work, including but not limited to, performing work of a diverse nature; performing payroll functions; purchasing materials and equipment; conducting invoice functions; paying vendors for delivered materials; providing inventory and fixed-asset support; performing budgeting functions; providing grant information and coordinating grant functions; providing human resource services; performing clerical/ administrative functions; and any other office functions deemed necessary.The document went on to detail the different aspects of the functions of payroll, purchasing, budgeting, records keeping, etc. The qualifications for the job will be as follows:• Minimum education — High school diploma or GED.• Minimum experience — Two years bookkeeping experience (manual/ computer)• Computer skills and general office equipment skills requiredHillis said the job description covers a lot of areas, but she feels the ideal applicant should have a mix of all these skills due to the nature of the position.“We’re so interconnected in what we do in the office,” Hillis said.