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Janitor told to limit overtime
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The county’s Building and Grounds Committee has voted for the Health Department and Ambulance Service to pay someone out of their budgets if they want their floors waxed and buffed.
Billy Ralph, an administrative building custodian, had been cleaning and buffing the floors while getting overtime pay.
Commissioner Michael Martin said to Ralph, “You’ve been doing a good job, but I’ve been looking at how much overtime you’ve been putting in. In less than five months you made over $4,000 in overtime working on floors. That’s too many hours in overtime. I’m not questioning your work. I’m just questioning 351 hours of overtime in less than five months. In my opinion, you are just supposed to take care of this building.”
“The health department should have money in their budget to contract their floors out. I know they do because they were doing it. It’s just too much overtime and too much money we are paying,” Martin said.
Asked Commissioner Dwight O’Neal, “Does the Health Department have the option to handle the buffing and cleaning themselves, or does that always come before the County Commission?”
“The contract doesn’t call for us to wax and buff their floors,” replied Martin.
Added Commissioner Carl Bouldin, “What we need to do is if you go out to the Health Department, they need to be prepared to pay the bill. When you were hired, you were hired for this building (Warren County Administrative Offices). I don’t have a problem with you going to the Health Department, but when you go out there, they should pay you for doing the floors. That’s the best way to settle this thing.”
Commissioners also discussed which hours the courthouse janitor, Tammy Boyd, should clean the building. Some commissioners think the courthouse should be cleaned at night when there is less traffic coming in and out.
County Executive John Pelham reminded commissioners they had voted to allow the janitor at the courthouse to clean during the day as requested by officers at the courthouse. People tend to get nervous before court and might throw up, or other emergencies might arise which prompted the request.
The committee voted 4-0 for Ralph to continue doing the floors at the courthouse, but the Health Department and others who need his waxing and buffing services will have to pay for them out of their budget.
Commissioners on the committee and present at the meeting are Bouldin, Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill, Martin and O’Neal. Commissioner Bessie Smithson was absent.