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Its time to vote
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Polls around the county will be open Tuesday as voters will get a chance to voice their opinions on the wheel tax, the next property assessor, and who will challenge Barack Obama in the presidential election.
Tuesday’s primary comes after a vigorous early voting session in which 3,084 people cast their ballots.
The early voting number was higher than the entire March election four years ago, suggesting overall turnout will be up when compared to prior March elections. In recent years, about half the people who have voted in Warren County voted during the early voting period.
Those who did not take advantage of the early voting option can vote from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at their assigned voting precinct.
“Make sure to bring your voter registration card and photo ID,” said election administrator Donna Smith, noting voters will get to vote in two areas if they wish.
First, all voters have a chance to determine if they are for or against the wheel tax. Most of the 3,084 voters likely cast their ballots on the referendum question.
In addition to the referendum, voters get to choose between the Democratic and Republican primaries. Those voting Democrat get to choose between 11 candidates running for the Democratic nomination for property assessor. Those who choose to vote Republican get to vote for the nominee for U.S. President.
During early voting 2,048 chose to vote for property assessor, while 995 voted for the Republican presidential nominee.