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Interviews set for judicial commissioner applicants
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The top five applicants for two judicial commissioner positions will be interviewed Jan. 3 beginning at 5 p.m.
The two jobs are available due to the resignation of Herb Rowland, who was a judicial commissioner for nine months, and the addition of a judicial commissioner to alleviate the heavy workload on the existing commissioners.
Rowland is a former sheriff’s investigator who presently works as a security officer at Warren County Courthouse, a position he started in September.
In a letter written to Warren County Commissioner Ken Martin, who is chairman of the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee, Rowland said, “This has been a tough decision for me; however, I find that even though I am retired I am working almost full time with my duties at the courthouse.”
Rowland’s Saturdays being taken up is one reason the county will be hiring two judicial commissioners.
“Herb worked Saturdays. It is hard to say you will be working only every other Saturday. Some people want off. Whoever is hired will be working at least every other Saturday,” said committee chairman Martin.
“We’ve got to have some people who can work. We’ve got good judicial commissioners but we need somebody who can leave the job if they have another job. If a person is a teacher, they can’t leave their job,” said Martin.
Two applicants were from out of the county. One listed a Smithville address and the other listed Woodbury as a home address.
County Executive John Pelham said, “It is a requirement of judicial commissioners to be within 15 minutes of the jail.”
Commissioner Kenneth Rogers said, “They can’t get here from there in 15 minutes. In my opinion, which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, with so many unemployed here in Warren County, we need to give jobs to someone within the county.”
The commissioners rated the 23 applicants based on their applications. Each received a score of one through five with five being the best.
The numbers were then combined and the top five scorers will be called for interviews.
Only one applicant received a perfect score of 25. The second highest score was 15. The three remaining applicants scored 12, 12 and 11 points each.
Members of the Policy and Personnel Committee are Martin, Wayne Copeland, Charles Morgan, Rogers and George Smartt.