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Inmate attacks jailer
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A man with a history of rage issues was given another year behind bars after he attacked a jail guard because he didn’t want to return to his cell after recess.
The inmate, Jamichael James Nicholson-Mark, 26, was charged with assault on an officer for an attack that happened in the A-block of Warren County Jail. He accepted a plea bargain this week and was given a one-year sentence which he will serve in addition to any other jail time he owes the state.
“Recreation time ended and I went to put him back into his cell,” recalled corrections officer Lynn Wilcher.
The inmate did not want to return to his cell and ignored the officer’s orders.
“I told him repeatedly to get back in his cell,” Wilcher said in his warrant against the inmate. “He stated on numerous occasions he was not going back into his cell.”
The inmate then grabbed the doors on his cell to prevent the officer from putting him behind bars. When he was unable to move the inmate, Wilcher said he went to pull out his pepper spray to better convince the inmate to comply.
“The inmate struck me in the face twice,” Wilcher said.
The assault on the lawman prompted a response from other officers and Mark was subdued and placed in his cell.
Mark is serving a three-year sentence for pulling a gun and threatening to kill everyone at his residence while three small children were there. He later considered trying to have officers kill him when they came to arrest him on the aggravated assault charge. The three years is a penitentiary sentence but due to overcrowding in state institutions, Mark is still being held locally.