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IDB gets $250K for 2012-2013
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When it comes to county funding, the Industrial Development Board will get some of its money now, and some later.The Warren County Commission met Monday night and voted to pass 23-0 with one member absent, a resolution giving the Industrial Development Board $250,00 for the 2012-13 fiscal year. The resolution was passed with the stipulation $75,000 may be requested upon the approval of the 2012-13 budget and $75,000 will be voted on by the commission at its December 2012 meeting.The commission voted to provide another $100,000 to the IDB to be used at Miniature Precision Components and/ or for the construction of Spec Building 3.Commissioner Les Trotman proposed an amendment to the resolution taking out the stipulation about the additional $75,000. He wanted to give the entire amount of $250,000 to the IDB without holding out $75,000 until the end of the year.“Any time we’ve had any kind of seminar or anything in regard to industrial recruitment or economic development, it is said people look at how we support our industrial development,” said Trotman.