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Husband, wife sentenced for identity theft
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 A husband and wife will face the music for identity theft with the wife actually having to do jail time while her husband gets off with a judicial diversion.
The wife, Teri Ann Tatum, 28, was ordered by Judge Bill Locke to serve 14 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence, make $536 restitution along with her husband, and perform 25 hours public service work on the charge of identity theft.
Her husband, Bryan Matthew Tatum, 28, entered a guilty plea to the charge of theft. He was granted an 11-29 judicial diversion meaning he will serve no jail time and can have his record erased at the end of his probationary period. He will also be jointly liable for paying back the $536 he and his wife stole and must also perform 25 hours public service work.
The two were sentenced for opening bank accounts using someone else’s name to get a line of credit. The victim in the case was also a Tatum.
Sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter said the plan to commit identity theft was premeditated by the couple.
“Mr. and Mrs. Tatum had a discussion about opening the accounts before doing it,” Carpenter said in his warrant against the two.
After opening the accounts, the pair used two credit cards at various locations.
“The couple used a computer at Hillvale Road (their residence) to open up the credit lines,” Carpenter noted.