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Honor Rolls
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Irving College Elementary principal Mike Mansfield is announcing the school’s honor rolls for the final quarter:

First Honor Roll
Fourth Grade – Sarah Keener, Chelsey Clendenon, Makinlee Curtis, Jillian Frankman, Emily Fults, Hannah Lee
Fifth Grade – Riley Desmarias, Curtis Grissom, Jalen Smith, Anna Wanamaker
Sixth Grade – Cheslee Curtis, Gabby Magness, Candace Wanamaker, Cassity Wanamaker, Callie Cathcart, Lauren McDonald
Seventh Grade – Kaylee Campbell, Alejandra Garcia, Savannah Parsons, Kelsi Priest, Courtney Woodlee
Eighth Grade – Chattum Jennings, Logan Martin, Austin Turner, Kelsey Mullican, Blake Walker

Second Honor Roll
Fourth Grade – Erica Burch, Emilya Hobbs, Josie Hughes, Karissa Smartt, Amy Williamson, Joshua Young, Gracie Hubbard, Pablo Garcia, Kenley Cathcart, Andy Matthews, Carlee Fann, Natalie Green, Destiny Wanamaker
Fifth Grade – Cameron Fults, Carlton Gant, Haylee Giddens, Ricky Gomez, Devin Jordan, Caylie Sherrell, Ethan Woodlee
Sixth Grade – Layton Cartwright, Tyler Pomales, Rebecca Perry, Keaton Turner, Luke Martin, Cierra Fann, Chance Hobbs
Seventh Grade – Gabriel Clemmons, Jordan Bess, Samantha Jordan, Gracie Judkins, Alexis Rhea, Tyler Rutledge, Trenton Worch, Grace Young
Eighth Grade – Brianna Cooke, Dustin Hale, Tyler Morton, Kelsey Mullican, Mackenzie Posthumus, Andi Reed, Robby Selig