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Homecoming shockers
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The WCHS senior float featured a Pioneer football player on a surfboard and declared “Warrior Wipeout” underneath.It was a catchy slogan, but in the end it was a wipeout for the senior float as the sophomores captured a stunning victory Friday night to an audible gasp of surprise from the Nunley Stadium crowd.“It had to be rigged,” moaned one WCHS senior in a bright orange shirt.The sophomores, however, were in clear disagreement.“It was kind of, sort of a surprise, but not really because we had the best float,” said sophomore Cameron Shelton. “I credit the victory to the jorts,” he said pointing to his cut-off pants which were a combination of jeans and shorts.The winning sophomore float contained a firetruck that was spraying water on three fallen White County players. The float proclaimed “Douse the Warriors.”Junior Nick Stern was quick to douse the enthusiasm of the sophomores.“They’re getting all excited about a float that was built by their parents,” said Stern, who was proud to proclaim the junior float was done entirely by the students.On the football field, the Pioneers played a hard-fought game but suffered a 23-16 loss.During halftime festivities, Kindra Brabson was crowned Homecoming Queen, while Logan Underhill earned the title of Homecoming King.