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Hibbett Sports doused
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A malfunctioning sprinkler head led to thousands of dollars in damage to merchandise and temporarily closed Hibbett Sports at Three Star Mall Saturday morning.
According to Three Star Mall manager Teresa Martin, the sporting goods store is expected to be reopened by Monday once water is dried up and water drenched merchandise removed from store.
The damage came when a sprinkler went off Saturday morning, dousing part of the shoe wall of the store. The malfunction prompted a fire alarm. When firemen arrived, they found no signs of fire or smoke but discovered the sprinkler streaming water into the store.
The reason for the malfunction is unknown although Martin said it is not the first time a sprinkler has malfunctioned at the mall. An inspection of the sprinkler systems at the store was reportedly under way Saturday.
Meanwhile, a small army from Serv-Pro, a professional cleaning business, was busy drying the store carpet while employees inventoried water-damaged shoes. Most of the Hibbett stock was moved from the store and was stored in another area of the mall.
“It could have been a lot worse,” Martin said, noting the water damage to merchandise was limited to relatively small area of the Hibbett store. There was also limited leakage to the next door Bath and Body Works and on the main concourse of the mall in front of Hibbett.