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Hendrixon guilty of writing bad checks to pay for coins
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A man who was buying good coins with bad checks will serve four months in jail and face the possibility of 12 years in the state penitentiary if he does not fly straight once released.
The man, Zachary Ross Hendrixson, entered guilty pleas to multiple counts of grand theft and was ordered to serve 120 days of a 12-year sentence and make $15,377 in restitution to the victim.
According to McMinnville police investigator Todd Rowland, Hendrixson was writing bad checks to buy collector’s coins from Warren County Coin. Specifically, Hendrixson made several purchases of coins from the business using checks. However, once deposited the owner found the checks were worthless.
“It was a civil matter at first so he gave Mr. Hendrixson the chance to pay him back,” said Rowland, noting that did not work out so well either. “As you would guess, he paid with a check and that check was bad too.”
Rowland said he discovered the Warren County Coin incident was not Hendrixson’s first wrongdoing as he had also committed similar crimes in other counties. The detective believes Hendrixson was hoping to cover his checks by selling the coins before the checks were deposited.
“It caught up to him before he could cover them,” Rowland said.