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Hello, will you take this phone survey for city?
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A telephone survey will be conducted of McMinnville residents. The study will be used to collect data for a grant to make improvements to the local water system.
“We need 550 surveys,” said Megan Farris, an economic development planner. “Please assure your citizens this survey is not a scam and it is critical in the process to secure grant funds.”
The grant is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) the Upper Cumberland Develop-ment District is applying for at the end of this month. Funds, if they are obtained, will be used on a water system project to improve the overall system and reduce the need to raise water rates for infrastructure.
City residents who want to lend a helping hand can complete a survey at McMinnville City Hall.
Farris says the survey is important if the city wants to be included in the grant application.
“The goal is to ensure these funds go to serve those in an area of need and the city will not be eligible to apply if there is not 51 percent of residents surveyed with low or moderate income," said Farris.
Survey questions include verification of name, address, and phone number, as well as the number of people in the household, number of people with a disability, number of people in the household 62 years or older, race of people in the household, and annual household income, etc. The caller will not ask for Social Security numbers or any bank account information.
The survey will end on or before Feb. 26. For more information, call UCDD at 931-476-4115.