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Gunfire erupts by Newtown ballfield
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A man has been arrested for firing a gun near Newtown ballfield Saturday night forcing cancellation of the night’s games.
The suspect, Herbert Conley, 49, has been charged with disorderly conduct and disrupting a public gathering. He will face arraignment on the charge Aug. 27 and is presently free on bond for the misdmeanors.
He was arrested Tuesday afternoon once investigators finished their probe into the gunshots which disrupted the game. Spectators and players were asked to leave the area after gunshots rang out during games at the rural ballfield on Laws Road which is off Nashville Highway.
“We received word someone in the area was shooting a gun into the air,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny of the situation that brought lawmen scrambling to the ball field early Saturday evening. “Some said they could even see a muzzle flash coming from the direction of the suspect’s residence.”
While there was no allegation Conley actually aimed at people, the fact shots were fired was enough to force postponement of the night’s scheduled games. Lawmen suspect Conley, who lives next to the field, became angry over something to do with the ballpark and decided to show his disapproval by firing a gun into the air.