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Grandma falls for phone con
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A woman has been scammed out of all the money she had by a phone call with someone pos-ing as her grandson who claimed to be in jail needing money.“She was hard of hearing and didn’t realize that was someone posing as her grandson,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny about the call received by the local woman.When she picked up the phone and talked to the person she thought was her grandson, the person claimed he was in jail in Las Vegas, Nev., and needed money to get out.“At some point during the conversation, he put on someone he claimed was his attorney,” Matheny said.Convinced her grandson needed help, the woman wired the money to the location specified in the Dominican Republic.“After she did it, she began wondering why she had to wire it there,” Matheny said. “By then it was too late. Her money was gone forever and it was basically all she had.”Matheny said there’s no chance of ever catching the people who scammed the woman or getting her money back.