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Grand jury does not indict man for trying to get teen pregnant
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A man charged with statutory rape for allegedly trying to help a teenage girl get pregnant had charges dismissed after the grand jury refused to indict him.
The man, Juan C. Garcia, 21, was given a no-true bill by the Warren County grand jury on the felony charge of statutory rape. Since deliberations of the grand jury are secret, it is not known what led to the refusal of the grand jury to indict the man who had confessed to having sexual relations with the teen.
His charges come after investigators received a report he had participated in sexual relations with a teenage girl. Specifically, lawmen were informed the underage girl was wanting to get pregnant and met with Garcia to have sex.
The incident happened in a wooded area behind an apartment complex. Garcia reportedly confessed to having consensual relations with the girl and also allegedly confessed to knowing the girl was underage when they had sex.
The age of the girl was never publicly revealed. Under state law, consensual sex with a minor by a person over 18 is legal if the age difference is not more than four years. In the case of Garcia, if the girl was 17, the contact would be legal.