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Grand Jury
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Three suspects were indicted for a home invasion robbery which left a woman with multiple wounds to her face as she tried to fight off the intruders.The alleged robbers, Ronald Kloosterman Jr., Clayton Lance, and Bonnie Lovell, were indicted on charges of especially aggravated burglary and two counts of burglary.They were indicted for shooting a woman in the face with a pellet gun while robbing her home. The woman said she jumped one of them as she saw the burglar trying to steal her TV. She said at that point, Lance, who she recognized, shot her point blank in the face with the gun forcing her to let go of one of his accomplices.The three are also accused of using a truck to ram through the front doors of two local markets before stealing merchandise in smash-and-grab style. Lance was captured on surveillance video during one of the heists.