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Girlfriend held at knifepoint for sex, police say
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Felony assault charges have been leveled against a man who allegedly held his girlfriend at knife-point after she refused to have sex with him.The man, Timothy Dwayne Gay, 30, is charged with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery for an incident that began after he helped his girlfriend move into her apartment.“He had helped her move into her apartment and wanted to have sex with her and she said no,” said McMinnville police officer Richard Teachout in his warrant against Gay. “He then became violent and cut his neck and wrist.”The woman said she tried to run away after seeing the violent display from her boyfriend, but she was not allowed to leave.“He used a knife to keep her in the apartment and attempted to hit her several times and told her he would break her neck,” Teachout revealed.Gay then reportedly decided to flee, but before doing so demanded she hand over all her money. She told police she gave him $35 cash and that he also took her hydrocodone pills and a bottle of valium.He then reportedly stated, “the cops are coming,” got into his truck and drove away.