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Getting nerdy
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Students, teachers show spirit with wacky outfits Yesterday was Nerd Day at Warren County High School. Students are fitting in during Spirit Week by trying to stand out.
Nerd Day was a big hit.
You cannot be an authentic nerd in appearance alone. Taylor Johnson says a nerd is someone who studies hard, makes good grades, and takes hard classes in school.
“I study hard, I make good grades and I take hard classes,” she said. “I am a nerd.”
When it comes to the biggest TV nerd of all time, Steve Urkel from “Family Matters” was the idol most students were aspiring to mimic.
“Urkel is the nerd,” said Rachel Nokes. “When I think of being a nerd, that’s who I’m thinking of.”
Making the Urkel appearance from head to toe was Logan Moore.
“I borrowed my younger brother’s band outfit and his tie,” said Moore. “That’s why the pants are too short and the tie is too small.”
Moore came to school with slicked-down hair parted in the middle, a pocket protector, name tag saying “Hello my name is Logan,” and glasses with a piece of tape between the lenses holding them together.
To continue homecoming festivities, today is Disney Day.
“I love spirit week,” said Tori Grissom. “I plan on dressing up all week. For Disney Day, I plan on being Pocahontas.”
Wild West Day is Thursday. Homecoming Shirt Day or wearing class colors is Friday.