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Gannon arrested on meth charge
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A man who was messaging with Smurfs on his cellphone faces meth charges.The suspect, Kevin Blake Gannon, 32, of Bradyville has been indicted on charges of initiating the process to manufacture meth, promoting the manufacture of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft.He was arrested after sheriff’s deputy Jason Fowler saw him sitting in his car in the parking lot of a church in Centertown. A check of his license revealed he was in trouble for manufacture of meth in neighboring Cannon County.Fowler was given permission to search Gannon’s vehicle and made a find.“I located items used to manufacture methatmphetamine such as filters, Drano, jars, tubing, lighter fluid, peroxide, lithium batteries and other materials,” deputy Fowler revealed in his warrants against Gannon.The deputy also reported finding drug paraphernalia such as rolling papers, needles, smoking pipes and straws in a small, cedar box found in his backseat.Further implicating Gannon in promoting the illegal manufacture of meth were messages found on his cellphone.“I found messages to buy Sudafed in Manchester,” Fowler noted.Psuedoephedrine found in items like Sudafed is used in the production of meth. Producers of the drug often use the help of other people, commonly called Smurfs, to buy items with psudeoephedrine in them to avoid suspicion since such sales are tracked by the state.