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Frankman has drinking, driving problem
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A man was given 10 days in jail after he entered guilty pleas to three different counts of first-offense DUI.
The persistent drunk driver, Thad G. Frankman, 48, entered guilty pleas to three separate DUI incidents for violations in August, October and December. He was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 10 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence, pay $350 plus costs, perform 24 hours public service work, and enter the drug court program. He entered pleas to first-offense DUI because he had not yet been tried on his August violation when he was caught for his October and December violations, thereby making them each technically first-offense charges.
His first two violations came for similar arrests at Citizens Tri-County Bank on Beersheba Street where he was found drunk in his vehicle. On his October arrest, police said he was “foaming at the mouth” when they got him out of his vehicle and that he failed to put his vehicle, which was still running, in park, allowing it to roll. Officers reported finding pills on him but those charges were dropped as a result of his guilty plea to the drunk driving charges.
His most recent arrest came after he wrecked his truck on Highway 8 near where he had been arrested on his prior two DUIs. Sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton said he saw Frankman standing outside his truck on the phone and the truck had sustained serious damage.
“He said he had been traveling slow and wrecked his vehicle,” Thaxton said in his warrant noting Frankman appeared to be under the influence. “He was unsteady on his feet and used his truck to maintain his balance.”