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Fox gets 10 days in jail
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A man who battled with police in his attic before falling through his own ceiling will serve 10 days in jail.
The man, Christopher Rickey Fox, 29, entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of simple assault and violation of probation. He was directed to serve 10 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence for the crime. He must also serve the balance of his former sentence for violation of probation.
His sentence comes after he took refuge in the attic of his West End Avenue home when lawmen arrived to serve a warrant on him. Police said he refused to come down from his attic, with negotiations going on for nearly an hour.
Two officers ended up going into the attic after the barricaded suspect. Fox reportedly told the police officers he would kill them, his threat prompting him to get hit by a taser shot. The non-lethal weapon failed stop the suspect as he pulled away from the officers but in doing so stepped on a soft spot in his ceiling. His misstep sent him falling through the ceiling and onto the floor below.
However, the fall did not deter the suspect as he hopped up and fled out the door before officers could pursue him from the attic. His attempted escape from authorities was short-lived as the house was surrounded by officers, the lawmen chasing him down from behind and taking him into custody.
A glass pipe was found on his person leading to drug charges. The charge was thrown out by the judge last week because the warrant on the narcotics charge was not signed. It is doubtful that charge will be brought back given his plea deal.