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Four-lane nearly complete
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Work on the new four-lane to Woodbury is heading down the home stretch as contractors hope to have the project finished by its scheduled Sept. 30 completion date.

The $21 million project to construct the four-lane highway from Newtown to roughly three miles from Woodbury near State Route 281 covers almost 13 miles.

Most of the new highway has already been paved. The present focus, according to TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn, is giving the highway its finishing touches.

The new four-lane is significantly straighter than the old highway it is replacing. The old highway will remain open as an alternate route.

Along with carving out and paving the 12.994 miles of new road, crews also constructed bridges and placed underdrains, guardrails and signage.

The project was paid for mainly thanks to federal funds as the federal government kicked in 80 percent of the costs while the state picked up the rest.

There are no present plans to continue the road once the project is done, meaning the chances of getting a four-lane down Woodbury Mountain or a bypass around Woodbury are minimal.

Motorists can expect to be driving on at least half of the new road within the month, according to TDOT. The westbond lanes leaving McMinnville will be used as a two-lane road for incoming and outgoing vehicles.