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Fisherman testifies about finding body
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A fisherman who found the body of murder victim Tracy Martin just before Thanksgiving 2011 admits he and his son almost bypassed the victim not realizing what they were seeing in the Collins River was a dead person.“At first I thought it was a blow-up doll,” testified Eddie Youngblood on the opening day of the trial of accused murderer Chad Thompson.Youngblood admitted he and his son continued fishing for several more minutes before boating over to where they saw the figure on the opposite bank. “You don’t expect to go out fishing and find a body in the water.”Youngblood said they actually motored over to the strange figure because his son was going to take a picture of it.“When we got close, it really hit,” Youngblood revealed noting he knew the figure was human when he saw a wedding band.The victim was found at the edge of the river with his upper torso submerged. He was apparently tossed off a bluff above the river.Once the body was identified as that of Tracy Martin, lawmen pieced together what brought him to Warren County.