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Finance committee members reappointed
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County Commissioners voted to reappoint the same four members to the Financial Management Committee who have served on the committee for the past year – Commissioners Terry Bell, Wayne Copeland, Billy Earl Jones and Herschel Wells.
When the committee was formed as a requirement of the 1981 Act which combined the financial aspects of the county, highway department and schools, it was believed to be a way citizens of the community could partake in government affairs, as four seats on the committee are open to the public.
However, county commissioners have filled those seats since the committee’s inception in February 2012.
County Executive John Pelham called for nominations to the board at the last full County Commission meeting.
The only person nominated not already on the board was Commissioner Charles Morgan, who was nominated by Dwight O’Neal.
Morgan withdrew his nomination saying under the rules of the committee, he is not allowed to serve. Morgan has a daughter who is a Warren County school teacher. According to the rules, committee members nor their immediate family members cannot have an immediate family member working for the county, in this case, the school system.
The only exception is Director of Schools Bobby Cox, who is required to serve on the committee. Along with Cox, Road Superintendent Levie Glenn and county financial director Linda Hillis are required to serve on the committee.
Bell, Copeland and Wells were approved 21-0. Jones was approved 20-0 with himself abstaining. Commissioners M.A. Bouldin, Ron Lee and Ken Martin were absent.
The same committee members will also keep the same chairman for the new year. During a recent Financial Management Committee meeting, Pelham was reelected as chairman.
During the meeting, Commissioner Hershel Wells made a motion to elect Pelham by acclamation with Commissioner Terry Bell seconding the motion.
Director of Schools Cox then made a motion that all nominations cease as Pelham got the nod.