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Festivus Games set for Saturday
Pictured, from left, are winners from the 2019 Festivus Games, Beth Underhill, Jessica McCool, Blake Jenkin, Justin Cotten, Amelia Gennings, and Leigh Holland.

For those who aren’t very apt to CrossFit, Carbide CrossFit and Nutrition will be holding the Festivus Games this Saturday, April 24, on Hillside Lane.

The Festivus Games are a series of CrossFit competitions for those who don’t participate in CrossFit.

Competing in different divisions:

Novice – for those new to functional fitness and have never competed before

Intermediate – for those who do scaled workouts, and it requires a little more skill and strength

Masters – for those 45 and older; your team’s ages must add up to be over 135

The Festivus Games is an international competition that began in 2011 and has been held in Warren County since 2014 by Carbide, making it one of only two gyms in Tennessee that hold the competition. Sixty-five athletes have registered to compete.

Vendors of all kinds will be present with nutrition stores, active wear brands, and food trucks to make an appearance. AlphaMeals, a meal-prep service with affordable diet plans, and The White Possum Eatery, a Tennessee plant-based eatery in Smithville, are core sponsors of the event.

Carbide event coordinator Mandi Fletcher said the Festivus Games provide a sense of competition for those who don’t compete in other CrossFit events. Fletcher said CrossFit is very diverse saying, “Every age, every body type, every skill level is welcome.” 

The competition will be open to the public with the heats starting at 9 a.m. at Carbide this Saturday. Only athletes will be allowed in the competitive space, but visitors will be able to view the competition through windows and be able to see the vendors.

Carbide owner Brandon Eckel said, “Festivus Games is an international fitness event geared specifically for the rest of us. It’s exclusive to athletes new to CrossFit or fitness in general. This opportunity allows people to experience the comradeship and fun that fitness brings and see firsthand how diverse and inclusive the CrossFit community is.”

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