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Fate of Blue Building bricks uncertain
City left with estimated 170,000
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Demolition of the Blue Building’s gymnasium and auditorium is complete. McMinnville officials must now hit the bricks to determine what to do with a rather large pile of bricks that’s been saved.
“We have some things we need to do that weren’t in the contract, but the contractor is through,” said McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock. “We now have several bricks laying in the lower yard. I would ask for the committee to decide what they want to do with those and how they want to maintain them and how they want to keep them. Do you want to stack them? Do we declare them surplus or stack them and keep them?”
In the city’s contract with Tri-State Development, the company was paid an extra $9,500 to salvage and stockpile 170,000 bricks for the city to clean and reuse if the decision is made to build a police department or fire station behind the Blue Building.
The question of storage was brought before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday night, while the decision will be in the hands of the Building and Grounds Committee.
“I’m a little concerned,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman, who is committee chairman. “I don’t know when that temporary fence will come down. As soon as it does, people will start taking those bricks because they are just sitting there.”
Brock says the contractor intends on leaving the fence up until spring to keep people off the grass that had to be replaced because someone drove their car over it. He agrees Newman is right in his assumption.
“You’re right,” he said. “When that fence comes down, people will help themselves to some bricks. They probably won’t take enough to amount to anything. However, if they start taking 100 here or 100 there, you are going to start losing quite a few bricks.”
A committee meeting will be set for officials to discuss what to do with the bricks.