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Farr, 19, faces kidnapping, assault
Victim says she was tackled trying to flee
Addison D. Farr

A Harrison Ferry teen faces kidnapping and felony assault charges after he allegedly picked up and assaulted a woman.
The man, Addison D. Farr, 19, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault. He will face hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.
His charges come after he offered a woman a ride on Beersheba Street.
“He saw her (the victim) at the Delta Station on Beersheba Street and wanted her to get into his car so they could talk,” said Police Sgt. Kenneth Seagraves. “When she got into the car, the subject put the car into gear and took off.”
The victim said she tried to get Farr to stop but he refused.
“He told her he was going to take her to his mother’s house on Great Falls Road but instead took her to an undisclosed area on Hennessee Bridge Road,” Seagraves said. “She was able to get out of the vehicle and started walking toward the road.”
The victim said Farr ran and tackled her.
“He started kicking, biting and strangling her,” Seagraves said, noting that after the attack they got back into his car and he made an odd request given he had just allegedly beaten her. “He tried to get her to stay the night and she said no so he hit her in the face three times.”
Eventually Farr dropped the woman off in front of a friend’s house. Police were called and they noted she had bite marks on her arms, a cut on her forehead, and a bruised left eye.
Farr could face up to 12 years in prison on the kidnapping charge.