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Experimental purposes unacceptable excuse for marijuana
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A man who said he was growing marijuana in his home for “experimental purposes” faces drug manufacturing charges.The suspect, Derrick L. Walker, 20, was charged with manufacture of marijuana after he admitted ownership of the drug-growing equipment and marijuana found by police inside his residence on Winding Way.McMinnville police officer Ben Cantrell went to check out the house after police received an anonymous call there was marijuana being grown inside the same residence where a small child was living.When he arrived, Walker’s wife admitted marijuana was being grown in the house and allowed him to search the residence.“In the back bedroom there was a wooden box wrapped in aluminum foil that contained five small marijuana plants, one large marijuana plant, three heating lamps, a dehumidifier, a fan and a water filtration system were found,” Cantrell said in his warrant against Mr. Walker. “I also found several containers of plant food, marijuana seeds, scales and rolling papers.”Mr. Walker returned to the house during the search and took responsibility for the marijuana growing operation. “He stated he was growing the marijuana for experimental purposes,” officer Cantrell said.