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Exhibit to honor 100 years of Hebe
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Hebe’s first 100 years will be the focus of this month’s Warren County Genealogical Association meeting. An exhibit to her will feature more than 100 photos on display in various sizes.
“There will be a section of historical images of the fountain along with recent photos which I made in 2014 and 2015,” said Chris Keathley, artist and historian.
The exhibit will be on display at Warren County Administration Building on May 23 from 1-4 p.m., which is the regular meeting of the Warren County Genealogical Association. At 2 p.m., Rachel Killebrew will speak on the restoration of the fountain.
“The public is welcome to attend the meeting or to just view the showing,” said Keathley. “Rachel is filled with information on the fountain and was instrumental in getting the fountain restored.”
None of the photos will be on sale. However, Keathley has made two different unframed 8x10 Davis Memorial Fountain Centennial prints which will be sold with the WCGA to receive 100 percent of the proceeds. The prints are $12 each. 
Keathley says one of the prints features a reflection of Hebe, also called the Davis Memorial Fountain, with the First Methodist Church steeple in the background, while the other print features the Davis Memorial Fountain with the Park Theater in the background and honors both the fountain and the Park Theater’s restoration and reopening. 
Hebe was given to the city for its Court Square park by Laura Davis Worley, who made the gift as a memorial to her parents after Mary Cunningham suggested a fountain would be ideal as a water source for birds.
Wishing to give a fountain that would be artistic and beautiful as well as useful, the statue of Thorwaldsen’s Hebe was chosen.
In Greek mythology, Hebe was the Goddess of Youth and the fair daughter of Jupiter and Juno and was originally the cup bearer to the gods, but was superseded by Ganymede. Then she was employed to harness her mother’s peacocks. She married Hercules.
Worley stated, “As I give this fountain to commemorate incidents of unselfish devotion in the lives of my parents, I am glad it is Thorwaldsen’s beautiful Hebe who stands above their names.”
The association is also offering a lasting landmark keepsake in Hebe’s honor. The keepsakes can be purchased at Southern Museum & Galleries of Photography, Cultures & History. The museum is located at 210 East Main Street in historic downtown McMinnville.
Free Centennial Keepsake Booklets will be available at the Hebe exhibit.