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Eight-year-old girl found on frozen mountain
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A runaway eight-year-old girl has been found.
A runaway 8-year-old was found safe and sound Thursday morning after the little girl braved the bitter cold of Harrison Ferry Mountain with her pink backpack, traveling through the snow over a mile from her house.“She is a very lucky little girl,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Billy Joe Crouch who was part of the search party that combed Harrison Ferry Mountain Thursday morning in search of the missing child.According to sheriff’s department reports, the girl’s mother last saw her around 7 a.m. She called authorities around 9 a.m. to report the child missing. A search was immediately launched given the fact temperatures were in the single digits and that hypothermia can be fatal within only a few minutes of exposure.First responders, deputies, firemen and volunteers fanned out atop Harrison Ferry in the Highway 8 area looking for the little girl. “We were going door to door, asking if anyone had seen her,” Crouch said of the search party that was working in eight-degree temperatures.