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Early voting room to get new floor
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The multi-purpose room at Warren County Administrative Offices used for early voting will get a face-lift, or a foot-lift, as the carpet will soon be replaced with either new carpet, tile or concrete.
Commissioners made the decision to replace the existing carpet at a recent Building and Grounds Committee meeting.
Greg Bowdoin, head of maintenance for the county, told commissioners during the meeting the flooring in the room needs to be replaced.
“There are big black spots on the carpet you can’t hardly get up,” Bowdoin said.
Said building custodian Billy Ralph, “When they early vote in there, they use heavy duty strapping tape to tape down the chords from the voting machine. You can’t hardly get the black marks up from the tape.”
Commissioner Dwight O’Neal said, “People also come in there with their dirty, muddy shoes.”
Bowdoin received an estimate from Ole South Carpet to replace the existing carpet with new carpet for a price of $3,499 which was $35.73 cheaper than an estimate from the same company to replace the existing carpet with tile for $3,534.73.
Commissioner Michael Martin said, “What would it take to just take the carpet up and seal the concrete? Why not just seal it? Everybody is using the room. Juvenile hunting classes go on there. There’s just so much traffic down there. They use that room for everything.”
County Executive John Pelham agreed sealing the concrete might be the way to go. “When concrete is sanded down, painted and sealed, it’s amazing how good it can look. They can put dyes on that concrete that is the color of the carpet to match the walls, then put sealer on it,” said Pelham.
O’Neal said he has put quartz chips and polyurethane on fresh concrete. “That floor was good for 20 years with hard traffic on it,” he said.
Commissioners on the county Building and Grounds Committee voted to get a bid on stripping the carpet and sealing the concrete floor in the early voting room.
Members of the committee are Carl Bouldin, Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill, Martin, O’Neal and Bessie Smithson.