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DTC vows to be back soon
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In response to a freak accident which sent a 300-foot cellphone tower crashing to the ground atop Harrison Ferry Mountain, the tower’s owner, DTC Wireless, is assuring its customers they will be back to full service as quickly as possible.
“We know this unexpected and unforeseeable event has caused temporary limited availability of our network in a portion of our service area,” said DTC Wireless CEO Craig Gates. “We understand how important our cell service is to our customers.”
Harrison Ferry Mountain resident Willie Meekins has been without her cellphone since the wreck. The problem, says Meekins, is her cellphone is her only contact with the world, including emergency services.
“I’m very concerned about this,” said Meekins. “We don’t have a landline phone. We have a cellphone only. We don’t have access to 911. My husband has a heart condition. I have no way to call out for help if something were to happen. We could die and no one will know. It’s very important to us to get that tower back up.”
The tower was toppled 12 days ago when Steve Rogers Jr., 24, fell asleep behind the wheel and ran off the road. The runaway vehicle traveled across a field and struck a guy wire that was supporting the tower. The tower, which was encased inside a fenced area, located next to a block building, was never hit. Instead, the guy wire being ripped from the ground caused the top-heavy tower to fall, slamming down across Old Harrison Ferry Road which runs parallel with Highway 8.
Progress has not been as swift for DTC Wireless subscribers given the fact the tower was destroyed.
“DTC Wireless has been working diligently to restore full service to its customer base,” Gates said. “Service has been restored to the area for the most part, although coverage may be intermittent in some areas. Three of the four knocked out sites are back up to full capacity.”
Gates said DTC is bringing a temporary antenna system to help alleviate the intermittent service issues in the next few days. It will be installed at the site where the other tower was toppled. He also noted credit will be given to customers who have been most affected by intermittent service.