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Drunk parents face child neglect charges
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Parents who were passed out drunk in their apartment when their children came home from school have been charged with child neglect and may end up losing custody of their kids.The parents, Michael W. Brock Jr., 33, and Jammie L. Brock, 36, are both charged with aggravated child neglect and child neglect. Their two children, ages 8 and 9, one of whom is autistic, have been taken into protective custody by the Department of Children’s Services and their status remains up to the decision of the court.The parents were charged after they were both found unresponsive inside their Pinecrest apartment by one of their children.“One of the children came to a neighbor’s home and stated that mom and dad were not responding and were passed out in the home,” said McMinnville police officer Katelyn Neal. “The second child could not get off the bus because no parent was able to meet the bus.”Police were able to roust Mr. Brock who was straight forward about what happened.“Mr. Brock stated he had taken Alprazolam and a number of shots of whiskey,” officer Neal recalled, saying he also told on his wife.