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Driver license checkpoints set for next Friday
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The Tennessee Highway Patrol will be conducting driver license checkpoints this Friday, Aug. 26, on State Route 287 in Warren County.
“Recognizing the danger presented to the public by drivers who are under the influence and unqualified drivers, troopers will concentrate their efforts on vehicles being operated by drivers who violate the driver license laws of Tennessee,” said Highway Patrol Sgt. Billy Prater about the upcoming roadblocks. “The Tennessee Highway Patrol has found driver license checkpoints to be an effective means of enforcing driver license laws of Tennessee while ensuring the protection of all motorists.”
Along with checking driver licenses of those coming through the checkpoint, officers will also be enforcing any other laws that are in violation including mechanical laws such as headlights and taillights and troopers will be attempting to catch anyone who has been drinking and driving.
The exact time and place of the roadblocks has not been revealed and the checkpoints are often floating, meaning they can move place to place on Highway 287. The highway itself rings the county, running from Viola in the south to Rock Island in the north. State law requires planned checkpoints be published and pre-announced.