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Dognapper nearly hits pedestrians in escape
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A dognapper led lawmen on a chase through town -- nearly hitting children on the sidewalk -- after police picked up his trail when he sped through a school zone.The suspect, Chad D. McBride, 34, is charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, both for other motorists and pedestrians, and counts of evading arrest, theft, driving on a suspended license, aggravated burglary, and speeding through a school zone.McBride’s trouble began when McMinnville policeman Paul Stringer clocked him traveling 35 mph through a 15 mph school zone. Springer tried to pull him over but McBride kept going, sticking his head out the window of his vehicle to yell he was having trouble with his vehicle. The suspect wound around through Locust Street and picked up more speed when he hit Spring Street.“He went on the sidewalk to get around vehicles and children were present,” Springer said, noting it was right at school time when the chase happened.McBride reportedly raced through yards on Lance and Fair streets before ditching his vehicle on Childress Street.