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Dog show leads to trouble for woman
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Attending a dog show has led to a local woman being charged with violating the sexual offender law.
The woman, Jamie N. Roach, 31, could face up to two years in prison if she is convicted on the indicted charge of violation of the sexual offender registry law. She could also owe the balance of her original six-year sentence for aggravated statutory rape if she is convicted and her probation violated.
Mrs. Roach served 270 days of a six-year sentence last year while her husband, George C. Roach, 31, served 108 days for aggravated statutory rape.
The married couple had sex with a 16-year-old on at least two different occasions, one in March and one in September 2007. The Roaches were friends of the family and lived in the same residence as the victim’s family at one time.
The Roaches, who are parents of four children, left town before they were sentenced. Prosecutors say Mr. Roach was given less time because he was more cooperative with investigators, while Mrs. Roach claimed the sex was the teen girl’s idea.
Along with the sentence against Mrs. Roach, she was directed to list herself with the state sexual offender registry. As part of the listing, she agreed not to engage in any employment, profession, occupation or event that she knew would put her in direct contact with children.
It was this clause that prompted the charges after probation officials learned she had attended the Valley Feeds Halloween Dog Show on Sept. 23. Proof was gained by probation officials that Roach had attended the event despite there being numerous children present.