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Dog issue settles down to low growl
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The monthly meeting of the county’s Health and Welfare Committee to discuss the status of Warren County Animal Control was quiet in comparison to last month.
“Everything is going well,” said animal control officer Tammy Webb. “I did have a problem the other day that I want to discuss with the committee.”
Webb says she captured two dogs, one of which was rather large. She was able to get the smaller one in the back of the truck, but not the larger one.
“There’s only one of me,” she said. “There is no one to call for assistance. With permission from the committee, I want to get a ramp. If the dog is on a catch pole, it will walk up the ramp and into the cage.”
When questioned where a ramp would be purchased, Webb added, “I can get a piece of plywood at Lowe’s and cut it down the middle. That should work and be inexpensive.”
Committee members unanimously agreed to allow the purchase, with Commissioner Sally Brock, Teddy Boyd, Billy Earl Jones and Diane Starkey voting for the measure. Commissioner Blaine Wilcher was absent.
In a prior meeting, members had asked Webb about having signs made that warned people against allowing their dogs to roam free. The signs would be placed in problem areas around Warren County where numerous dogs are known to roam free.
“The signs would do two things,” said Webb. “They would make sure people know to put their dogs up. There are still some people who do not know the county has a leash law. And, it would let people know that animal control will be patrolling these areas more. Maybe it will do some good.”
Members unanimously agreed to purchase 10 signs at a cost of $25.
When it comes to animal control’s monthly report on animals, the facility took in 26 dogs, 22 puppies and 10 cats from Dec. 31 to Jan. 28. Of those, one was returned to its owner, 13 were adopted, 13 rescued, and none were euthanized.
The Health and Welfare Committee meets monthly to discuss issues at Warren County Animal Control, Warren County Health Department, and the Sanitation Department.