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Dodd awarded for perfect attendance
Jacob Dodd shows his plaque for perfect attendance for 13 years of school. Dodd is pictured with Director of Schools Bobby Cox.

He’s never played hooky from school and probably doesn’t know what a sick note looks like.
When Jacob Dodd graduated from Warren County High School in May, he earned a rare distinction. He graduated without ever missing a day of school. That’s not just a day of high school. Dodd never missed a day his entire school career from kindergarten to 12th grade.
“It’s definitely something that wows people,” said Dodd. “I never had an illness that kept me from going to school. Knock on wood, I don’t think my temperature has ever been more than 98 degrees. It’s something that looks really good on college applications and on resumes. It makes you look like you’re responsible and dependable.”
So wasn’t he tempted to skip school at least once? Dodd says he was, but he refused to give in to temptation.
“My sister had perfect attendance until she got her driver’s license and then that was that,” said Dodd of his sister, Lyndi. “I wasn’t wasting 11 years of work to give up that easily.”
Dodd said his desire to get perfect attendance for all 13 years of school kept him going every day, even during things like senior layout day. He admits it was difficult to find daily motivation.
“Not being a morning person made it even worse,” said Dodd. “Some days I really had to push myself to get to school.”
Dodd began his school career at Bobby Ray Elementary. He says he didn’t like school at all in kindergarten, but started to feel more comfortable in first grade.
After attending Bobby Ray from grades K-5, he went to WCMS for three years before finishing his last four years at WCHS.
As for the future, Dodd says he plans to continue his education at Bethel University in McKenzie, Tenn., where he will be playing for the soccer team.
He said attending school every day helped to keep him focused and on top of his studies.
“I can say I was there for everything,” said Dodd. “And it really helped me with my work because I was in class every day. It kept me ahead.”
Jacob is the son of Jimmy and Linda Dodd.