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Dibrell contractor faces $500 per day late fine
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The clock is ticking toward fines being levied against the contractor at Dibrell School with Midstate Construction looking at daily fines of $500 if work is not complete by Oct. 22.
At least one person close to the project doubts the company will make it.
“I don’t think it will be complete by then,” said school architect Paul McCall, who has been monitoring the construction process.
Cockrill Design and Planning owner David Cockrill suggested construction crews have not been working with enough urgency given how far they are behind schedule.
“It has been a lethargic effort as of late,” Cockrill said.
Dibrell students are presently attending classes on campus but are squeezing into old sections of the school as work continues. This includes holding one class in what would normally be a foyer and holding two classes in a dining area, according to Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale. The cause of the delay, according to contractors, is 44 bad weather days caused due to rain and snow.
The fact Dibrell school did not meet its projected competition date before the beginning of classes this year has School Board members worried a repeat of the issue may be experienced next year at Morrison School, which is in early phase construction.
“It’s on about the same timetable as Dibrell was last year,” said School Board member Jeff Lee, noting construction did not start in Morrison for almost two months after the contractor was given permission to proceed.
Like Dibrell, the Morrison contractor has a penalty date by which construction must be finished or be levied $500 fines for each day the work runs over. The date on Morrison School is June 25, 2012.
McCall pointed out the size of the project at Morrison is 30,000 square feet less than at Dibrell, expressing more optimism the contractor at Morrison will complete the task in time for 2012 classes to begin.
Morrison is going to be approximately 72,000 square feet when complete, while Dibrell will be approximately 109,000 square feet.