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Deputy resigns after violating policy
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A probe has been launched by the TBI into allegations made by a female mental health patient against a former sheriff’s deputy.
The deputy, Josh King, has resigned his post amid the allegations, his resignation accepted by Sheriff Jackie Matheny. King had worked for the sheriff’s department for about two years.
His resignation came after he was presented with allegations he had violated department policy by allowing a female to ride in the front seat of his patrol car instead of in the back, caged and locked section of his unit. The female in question, however, was not an inmate but instead was being transported to a mental health facility by the officer for evaluation.
Sheriff’s department policy requires all inmates, male or female, and all those being transported to things such as mental health facilities, should be transported in the secure area of the patrol car for both the safety of the officer and the person being transported. It is not known why the woman was allegedly being allowed to ride up front.
Sheriff Matheny said once the violation of department policy was brought to his attention, King was brought in and the officer opted to resign.
As for the allegations made by the female patient, Matheny said he is not at liberty to comment on the woman’s claims or reveal what type of allegations were made against the officer by the patient while the case remains under TBI investigation.
Matheny said he turned the case over to the district attorney’s office once the allegations were made by the female passenger and the TBI was then called to investigate the alleged wrongdoing.
“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Matheny said, noting the TBI investigation is being done independent of his office and therefore he is not privy to the findings.