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Denning's 'Dreams' a reality
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For Warren County High School senior Maya Denning, her dream is becoming a reality.
In the case of Denning, her dream is her first short film entitled “Dreams.” From shooting at three locations around Warren County to editing, the roughly 10-minute film took about a year to produce.
 “We made the final cut a few weeks ago,” said Denning, who noted the film has been revised 20 times. “Now we’re working on adding a few extra features like bloopers and other things.”
The film is a haunting account of James, a teen who is struggling with the absence of his father. James isn’t exactly sure why his father left, so he dreams about possible reasons. James thinks about who his new father figure might be and envisions him as a beer-drinking slob. This is in contrast to his real father who used to take time to play hide and seek with him.
“We did all the filming on two jam packed days,” said Denning. “Going in, I really didn’t know much about post production but, I’m really happy with the way it turned out.”
Kirkland Sauer plays main character James as his first attempt at acting. He said getting filmed took some getting used to.
“It was kind of awkward to act in front of a group of people standing there watching me,” said Sauer. 
Other characters were played by Todd Sauer, Jackson Sauer, Roxy Collins, Jana Denning and Brandon Potter.
Denning is hoping to have a local premiere at Three Star Cinema in the coming weeks. She says the movie theater owners are agreeable to that and she is working to get a format that can be read by their digital projectors. For anyone who can’t make the premiere, she will have copies of the DVD for sale.
Denning said she would like to parlay this movie into opportunities for another film in the future.