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Dart brings courtroom security into question again
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Courtroom security has again been brought to a forefront after a defendant pulled out a tranquilizer dart as he stood at the podium near the attorney who was prosecuting him on nuisance dog charges.“How’d he get this in here?” asked General Sessions Judge Larry Ross after defendant Scott Muncey pulled the large dart from his pocket, the dart confiscated instantly.Muncey was in court for allegedly violating a county ordinance concerning a nuisance dog. Specifically, Animal Control director David Hennessee said in his complaint that Muncey’s boxer had been “terrorizing the neighborhood” and had killed a miniature horse and a dog, and had chased some chickens.Muncey was facing only a fine since it was a case being prosecuted by Rick Stacey, who has been retained to handle the county’s ordinances. It was Stacey who was standing near Muncey when he pulled out the dart, likely to show the judge what his dog had been shot with.