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DA office granted over $200K to combat DUIs
McMinnville Police Department purchased this speed trailer several years ago using federal funds dispersed through the Governors Highway Safety Office.
Our district attorney’s office has received the largest grant in a 14-county region in the fight to keep impaired drivers off the road.A $204,759 federal grant has been awarded to the office of 31st Judicial District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis, who serves Warren and Van Buren counties.“We are leaps and bounds above everybody else in the state at what we’re doing,” said Zavogiannis. “We’re determined to crack down on impaired drivers and we’re exceling at what we’re doing.”A difference-maker, according to 31st Judicial District DUI prosecutor Darrell Julian, is the local office has made it policy to get blood samples for those suspected of driving under the influence. If the suspect does not give consent, the blood sample is obtained after getting a search warrant.“It started as no-refusal weekends,” said Julian.