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Curtis, 33, jailed for meth
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A McMinnville man was given a nine-year sentence for operating a meth lab out of his West Riverside home.
The defendant, Jonathan Kent Curtis, 33, entered a package deal plea bargain for three cases pending against him, the most serious being the operation of a meth lab. He was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 180 days of a nine-year sentence with the balance to be served on probation after completion of his assigned jail time.
He entered guilty pleas to charges of initiating the process to manufacture meth, delivery of drugs and aggravated criminal trespass. He must also pay a $2,000 drug fine along with being jointly liable for paying a $10,731 cleanup of the McMinnville Housing Authority residence where he was making meth.
Curtis was arrested along with Susan Haston, 37, at their Lyndon Street home. The two were arrested when officers arrived with search warrant. They found numerous items used in the production of meth. The items included a glass jar with lithium batteries, stained coffee filters, aluminum foil balls, an active shake bottle, a gasser, a pressure device for a shake bottle, and a jug of Coleman fuel.
The couple was taken into custody and charged with operating the meth lab. As a result of the discovery, McMinnville Housing Authority incurred fees for a cleanup of the apartment since it was used to manufacture meth.
Structures used to manufacture the drug are required to pass a health inspection before they are habitable again. Many times specialized clean-up services are required to bring the buildings up to code. Haston and Curtis will be responsible for paying back the clean-up costs.
Part of the plea deal also included a plea from Curtis to criminal trespass charges. Prosecutors say he was smuggled into the Families in Crisis home by Haston, who had accused him of threatening her.
Haston was ordered to serve 120 days of a three-year sentence for her part in the meth lab and for smuggling him into the women’s shelter.