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Court date delayed for Latka's building
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The ongoing saga between the city of McMinnville and Mark Latka continues. A postponement was given just prior to Monday’s court date.
“Latka has obtained the services of an attorney,” said McMinnville Planning and Zoning manager Josh Baker. “He requested a different court date. Now, it’s Feb. 6.”
City officials are attempting to take Latka to court over the condition of his building, located at 205 E. Main Street. It has been deemed an unfit structure and is the only one standing in a five-building stretch.
Latka has hired the services of attorney Frank Fly out of Murfreesboro. The city will be represented by its legal counsel, attorney Tim Pirtle.
Negotiations will likely take place over the next two weeks about possible solutions about what to do with the building.
“I expect some negotiations between the attorneys until the court date to try and come to an agreement about the future of the building,” said Baker. “With the situation in the hands of the attorney, we will have to wait and see what happens. At this time, all I know is the court date is now Feb. 6.”
City officials have declared the structure unfit. They say Latka needs to make the necessary repairs – which are extensive – or have the building leveled.
Latka contends his building was in much better shape than it is now before two buildings were torn down next to his. He says his building sustained damage during adjacent demolition and points to a hole in the wall as visual evidence of this claim.
Latka has said he wants to be fairly compensated for his building.
McMinnville City Court meets Monday at 4 p.m. at McMinnville Police Department on Red Road.