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Couple guilty of animal cruelty
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A couple charged with animal cruelty has been released on time served and has been ordered to pay $1,500 in fines to Animal Control.
Phillip Mooneyham was given a one-year sentence but was released on 70 days time served which he had served for a probation violation not associated with his newest crime. He was ordered to pay $1,000 to the Animal Control. He was also warned by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley not to own another animal.
His co-defendant, Aysha Storm Johnson, was given an 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence and must pay $500 to Animal Control. She was additionally ordered to perform 80 hours public service work.
The Shady Rest Road couple was charged after Animal Control went to their home to investigate what was found near the house the couple was renting.
“I found a red-nose pit dog chained to a tree behind the apartment building,” former Animal Control officer Tammy Webb wrote in her warrants against the couple. “There was no water or food and a neighbor said he could not remember seeing the people at home for two months.”
Webb said the animal showed signs of starvation and neglect.
“The dog had sores all over its body and the collar had cut into the skin. Even in between his toes were sores and blood,” Webb continued. “He was underweight by around 25 pounds.”
Along with neglecting the dog, Webb said the couple had strung up a squirrel and left it hanging.
“I found, in front of the apartment building, a squirrel in a hangman’s noose,” Webb said. “The body had been hanging for days.”