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County tries to take land by eminent domain
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Warren County Memorial Airport has received approval from county commissioners to cease its negotiations to acquire 6.16 acres from a neighbor and take flight with eminent domain.The full Warren County Commission met Monday night and approved a resolution “authorizing the use of Warren County funds to supplement the cost of the expansion of the Warren County Memorial Airport and to authorize the county attorney to initiate the condemnation litigation.”According to airport manager Richard Crawford before county Economic and Agricultural Development Committee members, the airport requires a resolution from commissioners in support of taking the land by eminent domain in order to proceed because the airport receives some funding from county government.The measure passed 20-3. Commissioners Michael Shane Wilcher, Blaine Wilcher and Kenny Roberts voted against. Absent was Commissioner Billy Earl Jones.Michael Shane said he felt commissioners didn’t have enough information.“Much like the water heater inspection fee of last year, the commission is being asked to vote on something most of us have little to no knowledge about,” he said.