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County to post two Animal Control jobs
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Warren County officials will be hiring two people at its Animal Control facility, that of a full-time director and a part-time assistant.
The measure was passed unanimously at a Health and Welfare Committee meeting Tuesday night by Commissioners Sally Brock, Teddy Boyd, Billy Earl Jones, Diane Starkey and Blaine Wilcher.
The decision came after interim director Tammy Webb informed the committee she will be applying for the position as director.
“I’m fighting for something I love,” Webb said in her plea to be named director. “I want this position as bad or worse than anybody could want it. I love and enjoy it. I feel like this is where I belong. I don’t want to lose it.”
Webb has been interim director, as well as the only employee at the facility, for the past three months. According to county records, no complaints from residents have been received about her conduct in the community or her treatment of animals.
Brock says Webb would be a fine choice as director, but the position has to be posted and applications taken.
“She’s ready to go,” said Brock. “She doesn’t need any training. She’s been there and done the job. She’s been attacked by a dog and reacted well to that very terrible situation. I see her as the person who knows how to do it, because she is doing it.”
The meeting was originally set to discuss accepting applications. If applications are taken and Webb is given the position, the county would still be one employee short.
Warren County Executive John Pelham says the situation could be prevented with one hiring process for both positions.
“My suggestion would be to simply advertise for an animal control position. We can let it be known that, from those applicants, we will be hiring a director and an assistant. With that, we only have to advertise one time. If the committee chooses Tammy as the director, we still have the other applications to choose her assistant.”
Work at the facility during the winter months is minimal. Webb says it is during warm weather when a second part-time individual is needed.
“I answered between 230 and 250 calls last month alone,” she said. “During the winter months, sometimes I’m digging for stuff to do. A part-time person could be all that is needed.”
Committee members decided to advertise for a full-time director and a part-time assistant. If needed in the future, the assistant’s hours can be increased to full-time status.
Applications will be taken from April 13 to April 30. Ideal applicants will be those who have good communication skills, live within 15 minutes of the Animal Control facility and have the ability to lift 100 pounds.
“If a call goes out about a dog fight, someone should live close,” said Commissioner Boyd in explaining the need for someone to live near the facility.