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County officials nominate same two people for IDB
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Members of the county’s Economic and Agricultural Development Committee are once again recommending Greg Brock and Jeff Golden to the Industrial Development Board. The two would serve on the board for six more years.
If reappointed, this will be Brock’s second term. Golden has been on the board for over 20 years.
Commissioner Les Trotman recommended the two men to committee members Tuesday night.
“During our commission meeting, George Burke (IDB director) requested we stay with the same team. I have spoken to Greg Brock. I have not spoken to Jeff Golden. I haven’t had a chance to talk with him yet. But, they are the two up for either reappointment or someone else to fill their spot.”
Commissioner Ron Lee asked if other options are available.
County Executive John Pelham said, “Yes, there were some names being considered. I think there has even maybe been an individual or two who has been talked to about considering an appointment to the board.”
A resolution passed during the full Warren County Commission meeting Sept. 16 allows members presently serving on the IDB and four other boards to serve two terms instead of one. Everyone presently serving on the IDB is considered to be serving their first term. The resolution limits terms served to two meaning Brock and Golden will begin their last six years on the IDB if reappointed.
 “We have our current economic developer saying he would like to stay with the same team he has got,” said Pelham. “He will be here approximately two more years. So, yes, there were other names that were being considered, possible replacements for these individuals.”
Commissioner George Smartt made the motion to reappoint Brock and Golden. Commissioner Wayne Copeland seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
When committee members were questioned by the Standard why they would recommend Brock for another term considering he rarely attends IDB meetings, Copeland said he was unaware of that fact.
According to IDB representative Terah McBride, Brock has missed 20 out of 72 meetings, five of those in the last year.
Trotman said, “He has a great knowledge in construction. He’s an engineer. He can address questions from people coming in about the land, what they are going to need to do for pad and prep things like that for construction, give them some idea as to local costs.”
“It’s not like the IDB board are highly paid positions. These guys are doing it out of the good will of their own heart. A lot of things they do, they do out of their own pocket. A lot of things members of the IDB do aren’t just in that meeting. They are meeting potential companies out at the industrial park at different times or they are answering questions because some relocator has said, ‘Hey Greg, what’s the potential cost for my guy to bulldoze all that out there and put in what we need?’ He’s taking his time on the phone to do that. These guys don’t get a penny,” said Trotman.
Commissioner George Smartt said, “These people are highly paid professionals and they do this on their own, basically.”
Trotman said, “They just do it because they care about the county and the people in it. As far as the tenures on the committees, it’s hard to find people who No.1 will donate their time, No. 2 can answer specific questions in regard to power, water, sewage, construction and that type of thing, and No. 3 can stay quiet. Places have lost industry because they ran out and told the public and the press, ‘Oh, we are getting this company in.’”
Everyone presently serving on the IDB is considered as serving their first term according to a resolution passed at a full County Commission meeting Sept. 16. The resolution limits terms served to two terms meaning Brock and Golden will begin their last six years on the IDB in October if reappointed.
Members of the Economic and Agricultural Development Committee present at the meeting were Trotman, Copeland, Ron Lee and Smartt. Commissioner Gary Prater was absent.