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County needs appeal board for code disputes, Ming says
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County building codes director Nolan Ming says the county needs to establish a board of appeals for building code disputes and a hearing panel for overgrown vegetation.
That was his suggestion last week to the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee.
Said Ming, “It was part of the state audit and we have to get that put in place. This is not going to happen very often. Maybe once every five years, but according to the state we have to have this in place.”
These groups would help to enforce standards and codes set by the state and county and could even establish guidelines for gray areas.
The board of appeals and hearing panel have been proposed before, but members of the Policy and Personnel Committee balked at dividing a proposed $150 hearing fee among the board/ panel members.
Said Commissioner Wayne Copeland, “The big complaint I had about that was the money was going to be divided by the board.”
Committee chairman Ken Martin agreed, “We all get paid the same thing when we attend a meeting. It needs to go into the general fund, I guess. That would be my recommendation.”
Citing the number of committees and boards already in existence, committee members proposed allowing the Planning Commission to assume these duties.
Said Martin, “I don’t have any problem going to the Planning Commission and using that board. That’s what we passed before but it was the money issue we had a problem with. If the Planning Commission will accept it, and if everyone is agreeable, then we’ll let them do it. If not, we may not have a choice but to appoint a board.”
The committee voted 5-0 to propose these two boards to the planning commission. Members are Martin, Copeland, Carlene Brown, Charles Morgan, and Tommy Savage.
Other items of business that were passed unanimously included reappointing Blaine Wilcher to the Families in Crisis Board, Billy Early Jones to the Public Records Commission, and maintaining the same Adult Oriented Business Board members.
Finally, a short-term replacement for former commissioner George Smartt was needed for the Audit Committee. Upon the recommendation of County Executive Herschel Wells, Randy England was appointed.